La Poste courier to test hydrogen fuel cell trucks

Sustainability in transportation has been one of the critical concerns among environmental advocates. They are continuously looking for ways to get from one point to another while minimising impacts on the environment. La Poste is no different. The French postal service has been experimenting on new ways to improve the delivery of their services while making sure that they are engaged in environmentally-sustainable practices as well. One of their most recent undertakings was the testing of hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

Partnership with Renault

In order to be recognised as a cheap international courier providing environmentally-friendly service, La Poste has teamed up with Renault. They are using a 4.5-tonne Maxity Electric truck, which can run up to 200 kilometres while being powered by a Symbio FCELL battery. The latter is hydrogen-powered fuel cell battery. The experiment is going to last for a year and will provide Renault with insights on how to utilise hydrogen fuel cell.

On the part of La Poste, on the other hand, they have been recognised as the organisation with the largest collection of electric vehicles. This already speaks of how committed they are in their pursuit of sustainability. They have already been using electric cars for parcel delivery to France but such is limited to short-range deliveries, basically because of the limitations in the distance that can be covered by these vehicles. This partnership with Renault is expected to change such, and it will allow them to be an eco-friendly and cheap international courier.

Beneficial in More Ways than One

When the test succeeds and when hydrogen fuel cells are finally integrated in cars used for parcel delivery to France a wide array of benefits can be enjoyed. The most obvious would be its benefits on the environment. It releases only water vapour, and hence, it will not lead into air pollution. It is also going to be effective in terms of lessening noise pollution. It is a vital step in energy transition and in utilising alternative energy sources for the benefit of the environment. There are also significant cost implications in the long-run. It can lead into cheap international courier services because of the lesser costs involved compared to trucks running in conventional energy sources.

At the end of the test, it is not only La Poste that will benefit. Other organisations and potential users of hydrogen fuel cell batteries will also enjoy a cleaner source of energy, which can also be cheaper. It is good for the pocket and for the environment. Its applications will not be limited to corporate users, but even for individual consumers.

Can Car Thieves Hack Keyless Entry

Keyless EntryActive keyless entry, where a button has to be pushed, has been around for decades. Passive keyless entry, where you don’t have to push a button to unlock the car, is becoming standard on many higher model cars. Both keyless entry methods are much more convenient for drivers. With embedded chips, they also offer more security than traditional keys, since the chip signature has to be present to start the car.

But that doesn’t mean that they’re entirely secure. There have been many publicized break-ins that seem like they’re being done using keyless entry systems. Here are a few of the possible methods that are being suggested.

Passive Signal Amplification

With passive keyless entry, the car emits a low frequency signal that extends a very short distance from the car. When the key comes in range the signal is detected, and the key sends the authorization code to allow the doors to be unlocked.

Security specialists say that thieves may use a device that amplifies that low frequency signal, allowing the car and the key to connect from much farther away. For example, the key could be inside the house while the car is on the street and thieves could amplify its signal to unlock the car door. Analysts say this method could be prevented by installing a proximity chip in the key.

Brute Force Hacks

There are trillions of combinations for the codes between the car and the key, and only a few are valid at any given time. That being said, there are hundreds of codes being transmitted through the air from other keyless entry devices. Computer networks might lock out the account after a few tries, but cars have to ignore these wrong codes, otherwise they’d be locked out all the time.

That lack of functionality is what brute force hacks utilize. They’ll send out transmissions with millions of different code combinations in a matter of minutes. If the right one hits the car, then the doors will unlock. This method is largely combated by increasing the encryption level. Many cars use 56-bit encryption, but upgrading to 128-bit encryption would require so many combinations that brute force would take too long.

Non-Hack Workarounds

There are a few methods that aren’t hacks, just clever tricks. One of these is to use a frequency jammer. These illegal devices can block any transmission within a certain frequency range. Fire one up near a car, and it can stop the signal getting through. The driver will think they locked the car, but it didn’t go through and the car stays unlocked, just waiting for the thief to open the door.

Another method is good old fashioned organized crime: the thieves simply clone the keys and their security programming when the car goes in for repair. You can avoid this by making sure you go to reputable and trustworthy auto repair shops.

So Is Hacking Possible?

The definitive answer from the experts? Yes, it is possible. That being said, it’s not very likely. The cases that have been highlighted by the media are rare, and the methods require a combination of specialized equipment and knowledge. And most importantly, whenever a new weak point is discovered, automakers work quickly to repair it. So make sure that you keep on top of any recalls for your vehicle, since some of them may cover your keyless entry software.

And the absolute best thing you can do to keep your car secure? Most of these robberies happen at night, so make sure that your car is physically removed from harm in a garage or other secure area.

Increase a Car Engine’s Tips

Increase a Car Engine'sWe are all familiar with the term “engine”, and for most of us, it is a complex design of metal and wires engineered to run our car. A good engine is essential for the smooth functioning of a car. An engine converts the gasoline into motion and speed, which a car moves with. An engine’s horsepower (Hp), is the measurement of several non-SI (International System of Units) units of power. In the most basic term, it just means the rate of power, at which work done.

Increasing a Car Engine’s Horsepower

Most cars come with engine horsepower specifications, but one can increase it to suit personal requirements using a few tips given below:

-Change in the Computer Chip:
One can change the ROM chip in the engine control unit (ECU) to increase its horsepower. But in most cases, this will only work along with other modifications in air intake, header, and exhaust systems.

-Free Flow Exhaust:
Installing high-performance exhaust systems will help increase the engine’s horsepower. The advanced exhaust systems use big tail pipes, headers, and free flow mufflers to decrease the air resistance (back-pressure) and enable the exhaust to escape faster.

-Install Turbocharger:
While adding a turbo or supercharger in your car, keep in mind to add a bigger sized cylinder to increase its displacement. Turbo chargers compress the incoming air to effectively increase the amount of air in the cylinder, which adds more oxygen to the combustion process. More oxygen means more power to your engine’s horsepower.

-Cool the Incoming Air:
Compressing air raises its temperature expanding it, whereas cooling will contract it. One can add more cooled air in the cylinder than hot air. Installing an intercooler, which is a type of radiator, with turbocharger will add more horsepower to the car. The air compressed by the turbocharger passes through the intercooler, cooling it before entering the cylinder.

-Reduce Car Weight:
Load beyond a vehicle’s capacity will slow it down. So, lighter the vehicle, more the horsepower of its engine. The weight of the car affects the piston’s function. Each time a piston changes direction, it uses the transfer force from expanding gas in the cylinder to the crankshaft. So, lighter the car, lesser the time and transfer force be taken by the piston to change direction. However, decreasing the car’s weight doesn’t mean removing its parts, just replacing some components with lighter materials. Also, clearing your back seat or trunk would definitely work.

-Air Filter:
An air filter helps to remove solid particles, like as dust, pollen, etc., from air before it enters the cylinder. An increase in the size of the air filter allows more air to enter the engine. More air enables the piston to function efficiently and increases the engine’s horsepower.

Best Batteries :
Try to find out the expected battery life of the product before making the installation. You cannot even think of running your vehicle without a battery, so you must choose precisely. Be conscious of your consumption and use energy wisely, you can find it with leading suppliers of high quality Car Batteries in the UK . Don’t be too stingy, because the electrolytes inside the battery will drain away over time even when it is idle.

-Spark Plugs and Power Fuel:
High performance Iridium spark plugs will make the car run faster by efficiently burning the fuel injected into the engine. Regular cleaning will also increase its productivity. Unleaded fuel causes more harm to the various components of the engine. To enhance its functionality and horsepower, high octane gasoline should be used.

There is no substitute for regular maintenance. Done on time and by a qualified mechanic, maintenance will add more life to the car’s engine. It is important to bear in mind that better horsepower relates to more speed, which needs good brakes. While adding modifications to the car’s engine and other parts, one must also increase the wheel dimensions to add larger brake disc.

A Basic Guide to the Computer in Your Car

Computer in Your CarDid you know that modern cars can have over 80 different computers scattered around the car? These control everything from your automatic windows to your stereo to the brake system to your engine. The computers are all hidden behind body panels, in the engine compartment, and dozens of other places. In fact, the only sign of computers most drivers will ever see is the console interface.

Emissions Standards:  The Birth of Car Microprocessors

Car computers really got their start with the introduction of the catalytic convertor and electronic fuel injector. Before these systems, the fuel/air ratio was controlled by the carburetor, which could be more than a little imprecise. A catalytic convertor requires a precise fuel/air ratio (1:14.7) in order to be effective in eliminating emissions. As emission standards got more and more strict, more control was needed.

Enter the first car microprocessors. The chips were nowhere near as powerful as the ones in personal computer, but they didn’t have to be. After all, they have to process a lot less data and programs. These chips made it possible for the fuel/air mixture to be constantly monitored and adjusted to make sure it had the right ratio. As technology got more advanced, the uses for auto computers multiplied.


As more and more computers were added to cars, something had to be added to tie them all together. This is where the Controller Area Network, or CAN, comes in. The CAN creates a complex network that connects all of the computers throughout the car. The modern CAN design doesn’t even have a central hub or router. All of the individual Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are linked to the network, allowing them to interact seamlessly.

Parts of an ECU

That network would be nothing without the ECUs. These are the actual workhorses of your car’s computer system. On the outside they tend to look like boxes, but inside the housing is a circuitboard with several different components, including:

Analog-Digital Converters:

Many of the sensors throughout the car are analog, but the chip can only deal with digital data. The converters turn those analog signals into 1’s and 0’s so the chip can use them.

High-Level Digital Outputs:

That digital signal hits the processor, which runs it through programming. Depending on how the programming reacts, the chip will send signals through the outputs to operate things like fuel injector, spark plugs, and more.

Digital to Analog Converters:

Like the sensors, most of the parts in a car are mechanical, meaning they need analog signals to run. The convertors take the digital signal and make it into the voltage that’s needed to power the mechanical parts.

Signal Conditioners:

Sometimes that voltage needs to be adjusted to work with certain parts. These conditioners are circuits that make any necessary voltage changes, and are the last link in the ECU chain.

Diagnostic Ports

There are various ports built into the ECUs and the CAN that allow access to the system. Mechanics will use these to connect diagnostic computers to aid them in finding problems with the engine. They also make it easy to switch out faulty ECUs or parts of the CAN without a lot of network splicing.

But they have another common use. Mechanics and car owners can use these diagnostic ports to connect to the engine control module. That connection can then be used to remap the computer, add performance chips, or tune the software.

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Replica Wheels and Rims, What’s the Truth?

Everyone would love to be able to afford original equipment manufacturer wheels, and rims, but with replicas being far most cost effective are they really worth it?


Replica products are exactly what they sound like, copies of chrome rims using materials that are less expensive. A number of materials are used from composite, aluminium and polished steel.

When looking at replica wheels, and rims, there are a few things to consider: quality, size, material and price. The point of going replica is to give your vehicle that same visual appearance that chrome has, but for a much lower cost.

There are no safety concerns to worry about, as there are minimum standards as laid out by the government. Though, it is important to purchase from a reputable supplier to ensure that they meet those requirements.

Another important aspect of wheels is size. It can have an impact on not only the aesthetics but the mechanical features, too. If your rims are too big it can affect the brake functions.

A good quality replica rim and wheel set is so similar to OEM that they can only be differentiated between by a professional installer. You can still good an excellent quality replica for just a fraction of the price.


Original equipment manufacturer wheels and rims are built by the same manufacturer that produces all of the auto parts. So, with that in mind, there are a number of factors that are considered in the creation of them. The OEM considers road hazards, road salt and chemicals, durability, weight of the vehicle including cargo and passengers, and a proper fit to the vehicle.

While replica wheels and replica rims abide by government standards they are also one size fits all, used across any vehicle.

The Dangers of Going Cheap

Because many replicas are made at the lowest cost possible they can be prone to stress fractures, leading to cracks or bent rims.

There have been cases of large auto companies sending cease and desist letters to companies that have produced exact replicas so it can be difficult to source high quality replicas of certain brands like BMW.

You have likely heard that replica wheels are made in the same factories as OEM wheels, but that is a misleading statement. A large manufacturer is not going to risk losing the business of a large automobile company by producing similar wheels and rims of a lesser quality.

So, yes while there are standards that replicas must adhere to, they are not subjected to the same rigorous testing as original equipment manufacturers subject their products to.

Additionally, if you go cheap you can feel the difference in your drive- it causes major vibration which can impact suspension and brake parts. So while it can save you money in the short term, it can also have an effect on your vehicle in the long run.

5 Reasons Why Porsche Owners Should Get Themselves Guaranteed Asset Protection

If you own a Porsche it is likely to be your pride and joy and something you wouldn’t want to have to live without. You will of course have insurance on your vehicle to cover it in the event of it being written off in an accident, but most people haven’t got guaranteed asset protection as they assume they don’t need it. This is a bad assumption to make and could leave you out of pocket. Here are 5 reasons why Porsche owners need GAP insurance:

You owe more than your cars worth

The chances are you will have taken out finance to purchase your Porsche and what most owners don’t find out unless their vehicle is unfortunately written off is that the insurance will only cover the current worth. This in many cases will mean that the amount you receive from the insurer will not cover your loan agreement amount leaving you out of pocket.

To avoid being held to a long term payment agreement without a vehicle

If you have entered into a long term payment agreement to reduce monthly expenditure you will still be liable for this even if the Porsche is written off. Once agreed the insurer will pay the worth of the vehicle but not the remainder of the loan which could leave you needing to buy a cheaper vehicle yet still paying for your written off Porsche which has now depreciated in value. A vehicle begins to lose its value the moment you drive it off the forecourt.

GAP insurance pays more than the vehicle worth

Unlike regular insurance GAP insurance will give you the value of the vehicle plus enough to be able to either cover your loan agreement or enough to replace your vehicle without having to downgrade due to financial implications or go without a vehicle altogether. This could be the case even if you did not take out a loan to buy your Porsche because of fast depreciation.

Original vehicle discounts not taken into account

Regular insurers will only pay the ‘current worth’ taking into account any discounts you have received on your original purchase. If you choose vehicle replacement GAP insurance and are unable to find the same specification of Porsche for the price you originally paid you will receive more than the original amount allowing you to replace your vehicle with like for like.

Return to invoice available for new and old Porsches

Whether your Porsche is an old or new model you will be able to get a top up payment for your insurance so that you receive either the amount you initially paid for your vehicle or the amount that is still outstanding on your finance. This could help clear debt so that you are not stuck paying for a vehicle that you can no longer use. Unlike some insurers this type will cover your vehicle even if it is over 12 months old despite depreciation.

Certified Pre-Owned is gaining popularity for good reason

Certified Pre-Owned is gaining popularity for good reason

Shopping for a vehicle while trying to decide new, used, car, truck can be a lot to take in. You can put as many pros and cons together for new or used to really confuse the process, so let’s take a little out of the guess work out and concentrate on Certified Pre-Owned or CPO.

Certified pre-owned is a great value. With additional checks, factory warranty, clean car history reports you can rest easy knowing all that could be done to give buyers peace-of-mind has been done.

What is CPO?

These are used cars, trucks or SUV models that dealers put through a stringent certification process. That process includes these check points:

  • Clean used car history report.
  • Depending on the manufacturer somewhere around a 100 point mechanical inspection. Items that need replacing are.
  • Strict cosmetic standards for example no visible wear and tear on interior seats or dash. The paint is not scratched or dinged up.
  • Cars are road tested for quality drivability.

When the inspection process is done, the vehicle you’re considering will have additional warranty because it is a CPO and extended warranty upgrades that you can choose at the point of purchase.

Most manufacturers offer special financing with lower interest rates and extended terms for qualified buyers.

You may pay a bit more for a vehicle at this standard but why wouldn’t you? With the strict inspection standards, and mechanical standards consumers are purchasing a quality used car. Cheaper is not always better, something for nothing is just that. Nothing. So if you pay a bit more to know that the vehicle you’re buying has been thoroughly checked out and has more warranty coverage then there is real value.

When shopping ask to see the CPO report, find out what was fixed if anything in order for the vehicle to pass the CPO process. Check out the used car history report, read the report don’t simply look at where it says “Clean” read down through and look what services are reported. If you see a vehicle in several times for one particular item let that be a red flag.

Used car history reports will show times that the car was in for maintenance and service. Review this for any potential recurrences.

Before you visit the dealership check online value reports like KBB™, Edmunds™ or NADA™ for values based on the market you live in. Know what similar vehicles are selling for in the marketplace. You can also view with a CPO and without. Keep in mind that these are guides not actual pricing. You can still negotiate. Just have a good idea where you should be in both your market place but most important your budget.

CPO vehicles are purchased through franchised dealers. For over a decade this process has been around. Consumers who are quality driven more now than ever before are flocking to these vehicles. Just shy of 23% of all used cars sold by franchised dealers are Certified Pre-Owned.

When it’s time to replace a current vehicle, Certified Pre-Owned is definitely worth investigating before you buy.

Getting a car loan with bad credit in Toronto, Canada is easy

Welcome to New Car Canada, where we look at your future not your past. NCC evaluates what your currently doing in regards to employment and income and not your credit score. You will get approved for the vehicle you want regardless of credit history. To qualify for auto financing you need to earn $1800+ per month and be on the job for 3+ months. If you are, your approved is guaranteed with New Car Canada. If you are in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, North York, or any other surrounding city, we recommend to apply via this link for your car loan: Toronto on Bad Credit Car Loans in Toronto is easy and simple.

car loan

You can apply online via computer or Smartphone within 30 seconds and get approved for the car you want. Apply any time day or night and get approved fast and easy. You will get a call the next day giving you a decision. NCC helps over 5000 Canadians per month and you may have seen there advertisements online already. There are an established brand that is 100% free for Canadians. Whether you have good credit, no credit, bad credit, bankruptcy, or a consumer proposal. New Car Canada can help you right now. Apply at  Toronto and get approved within 24 hours even with bad credit.

Five DIY Jobs You Can Easily Carry Out on Your Car

Looking after your car can often feel like a bit more hassle than it’s worth and lots of us are happy to neglect the little jobs that might not seem that important.

However, did you know that one in five vehicles fail their MOT and that many of these could have been avoided with a little bit of simple maintenance?

We spoke to Cox Motor Parts who said: “People are often somewhat afraid of carrying out maintenance on their own car, and while we’d never recommend taking a vehicle to pieces on your own, there are a lot of simple checks and jobs that you can carry out at home and possibly save yourself a small fortune in future repairs!”

These DIY jobs are not only a lot easier than you’d think, but they can save you lots of money in expensive repairs further down the line.


It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on your tyres very regularly. If your tyres pressure isn’t right, it’ll mean that they wear down abnormally, meaning you’ll get through more fuel.

Uneven tyre wear could be a symptom of more serious problems with your vehicle, and will make it a lot harder for the vehicle to grip the road which can be especially dangerous when driving in wet or snowy conditions.

The best way to check your tyres is with what’s known as “The 20p Test”. Generally, your tyre tread should be above 1.6mm, so if you place a 20p coin in the main grooves of the tyre and can’t see the outer edge, your tyres should be ok.

If any of the edge of the coin is visible, then the tyres may well be under the legal limit and need changing.


Your vehicle’s brakes are put under a lot of stress while you’re out on the road and are a common cause of failed MOTs.

Even if you don’t have an MOT coming up, your brakes are one of the most important components of your car and you should be vigilant in checking them.

Make sure to test out your brakes for any usual sounds such as high-pitched grinding and make sure that there are no unusual vibrations or changes in sensitivity to your foot pedals.


Not having enough coolant in your vehicle could lead to serious engine trouble, so it’s important to keep checking it, but make sure to only do so when your engine is cold.

It’s usually easy enough to check, as many expansion tanks are transparent. It’s also easy enough to change, just make sure you purchase coolant which is compatible with your vehicle.

Windows and sunroof seals

With the way the British weather is, it’s likely that you don’t get much use out of your windows and sunroof.

What this means is that the seals can bond to the glass, which can lead to leaks in the cabin.

Every few months, especially before winter rolls around, be sure to lubricate the rubber seals with grease to keep everything moving smoothly.

Brake fluid

Another possible issue you might have with your brakes is a lack of brake fluid. The fluid acts to absorb water from the atmosphere which will increase your chances of vapour lock.

Braking too heavily causes the brake fluid to boil and vaporise which means you’ll lose the hydraulic pressure needed to brake properly.

Generally speaking, we recommend that you change your brake fluid at least ever 2 years or 24,000 miles.

Romantic spots in Hawaii

Planning to have a great time with your partner and thus are surfing the waves of web to get idea about the best romantic places? Oh! So you have made your mind to visit Hawaii, but don’t know about the places to visit there? Well, I totally admire your decision, as Hawaii is one of best destinations for love couples. It has got many beautiful romantic spots that you should not miss. Check out this list of best romantic spots in Hawaii.

Sheraton Keauhou Bay

A must visit spot for all those visiting Hawaii with their loving partner. This romantic spot lies  near the birthplace of Hawaii’s King Kamehameha III. The special manta ray-viewing point here is the best thing that couples can visit. They can dive in the manta rays. This place is so beautiful that it leaves the indelible memory with you. Since this place is one of the most visited places in Hawaii, so the accommodations are quite easy to find here. You can have a great fun while roaming in this spot and then staying in hotels. The hotel rooms start from as low as $149.

Fairmont Orchid

The greenish surrounding of this beautiful place makes it one of the best romantic spots in Hawaii. If you visit Hawaii, but miss this place, then you will surely be feeling sorry for your poor action, but the late sorry will not bring anything for you.

Ko’a Kea

This luxury boutique was renovated in 2009 with aim to make it amazing spot for love couples. The aim has been achieved perfectly and now this spot is counted among the best romantic spots in Hawaii. The water massage is what no one should miss. The Tropical Desire Package is very famous in which you get breakfast, dinner for two, one-hour massage and a midsize rental car. It costs $615 per night.

Hawaii has always been one of the best travel destinations for love couples. Here is the list of best romantic spots in Hawaii.


All About Donating Your Used Car

Is your used car in bad shape? Maybe it’s not running or maybe it looks bad. Maybe it’s actually in good shape but you don’t really have a use for it or you’re interested in doing something nice for some other people. Well if that sounds like you then there’s definitely something good you can do. You can donate that car to a local charity that helps kids, underprivileged, pets or any other organization that you want.

How It Works

Many charities look for donated cars because they can recycle them. You turn over the vehicle and the title to them so that they officially own the car. At that point, they check out the vehicle and decide what it’s really worth. If it’s worth selling then they’ll sell the vehicle and all profit will go towards that charity. If it’s not worth selling they take the car into a scrap yard where the pieces will be used. They get a certain amount of money for that scrap material and you get a tax write-off for donating to that charity or organization. It’s definitely a winning situation for everyone that’s involved. (It’s important to note that you get a tax write-off if they sell the vehicle also because you’ve donated it to them.)

Why It’s a Good Idea

Besides the fact that you get to write-off the money that the vehicle was worth, you also get to help out an organization that you really like. Whether your favorite organization is helping the planet and the environment or you prefer helping underprivileged children or anything else you’ll be helping them get more money to help support their cause and that’s always going to be a good way to spend your money. If your car isn’t worth much anyway, you really don’t have anything to lose either.

What You Should Know

Just about any car is eligible to be donated for these types of programs as long as you own it and have the title to prove it. If you can’t present the title you’ll need to go down to a local office and get a new copy before you can have the vehicle picked up. What’s really great though is there are no specific rules or standards for what type of car can be donated because even if it’s not worth much to sell, just about any car can be scrapped out for at least a little bit of money.

These programs are definitely great for you as someone trying to get rid of a car that’s more work than it’s worth and for the community and the organizations that use them. So make sure you’re making the most out of the process and when you’re ready to get a new car find out a little more about the loan process right here; You’ll definitely feel good about helping others and you’re going to get a nicer, newer vehicle that’s going to suit your needs and your family’s needs. What could be better than that?

How to Buy Parts for BMW X5 and Nissan Murano

The new type of BMW called BMW X5 was introduced by the company in 2000. In pretty much the same years Nissan has launched new Nissan Murano which has no possible analogues even today. When both vehicles hit the showroom floor, a lot of consumers were shocked at the new rugged appearance. However, over the time the companies improved and polished visual disadvantages of the cars remaining loyal to functional characteristics, such as a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, and a new upgraded V-8 engine. These models of BMW and Nissan are able to fit from 5 to 7 people comfortably for each of them.

How to Find the Right Parts?

First of all, according to experts, every consumer need to know how to locate a part number in order to purchase the correct BMW X5 and Nissan Murano parts. All the details, including the number of the model, year of make, chassis code, and engine type, are essential to locate the right parts for your vehicle. The code for chassis begins with the letter and then is followed but the numbers that indicate the series, for instance, an E28 indicates a 5 series. With this information in mind you will be able to locate the right parts for your car.

Choosing OEM BMW X5 Parts

OEM parts are the best option for replacing something in your BMW X5 or in fact any other vehicle of luxury series, such as Nissan Murano, because these parts are manufacturer parts that are used at the time of production. It means that after rigorous testing by the highly skilled engineers these BMW parts can offer best durability, performance, and safety. This type of parts most frequently can be purchased directly from the manufacturer, or from any authorized supplier.

OEM parts are always the most reliable option because they offer a guaranteed fit for your vehicle’s year, make, and model, and as a bonus if you change something in your car with an OEM part you most likely will not lose your warranty.

Choosing Aftermarket Parts

The parts for MBW X5 or Nissan Murano called aftermarket come from a third party supplier. As a rule, this supplier works as an unauthorized parts supplier, meaning that official manufacturer does not recognize it. Most frequently aftermarket parts for both of these vehicles will cost significantly less than from an authorized supplier, however you need to understand that you risk losing in quality.

Nissan Murano experts from recommend to keep in mind that aftermarket parts are not equal; some companies offer absolutely equal molds and best quality materials so can conquer with the official manufacturer, however other options may use universal molds and lower quality materials. Universal templates for parts are created to fit several various models or different aged vehicles, whereas OEM parts have specific molds designed for a precise vehicle. You need to understand that universal molds not always can offer the best fit, as a result you get more wear and tear on the vehicle, and in general it means less durability for the part itself.